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Trail 1 - Selkirk Hill (checked Apr 2022)

Trail 2 - Selkirk Town (updated May 2022)

Trail 3 - Haining Loch (updated May 2022)

Trail 4 - Haining Woodland (updated May 2022)

Trail 5 - Plaque to Stell (checked Apr 2022)

Trail 6 - Meeting of the Waters (updated Apr 2022)

Trail 7 - Ettrick Riverside (updated May 2022)

Trail 8 - Harehead Hill (checked Jun 2022)

Update 2022.06.02: Forestry operations are currently taking place on the Philiphaugh Estate. Though felling appears to have finished, timber stacks still remain, with part of the track up Harehead Hill the main haulage route for removing it. Take care if doing the walk, observe warning signs, look out for lorries, only pass machinery when operators signal it's safe to do so, and take the (equally attractive) diversion track if signposted.

Trail 9 - Three Brethren (checked May 2022)

Trail 10 - Linglie Hill (checked May 2022)

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