Black Bob Trails

The Black Bob Trails A5 booklet is available for £2.50 from the following outlets in and around Selkirk:

It is also available by post from here, for £3.00 through PayPal.

The individual trails are available as pdf files below. If you have any feedback, let us know via our Facebook page; any revisions will be published here, and incorporated into further print runs of the booklet.

Trail 1 - Selkirk Hill (updated May 2021)

Trail 2 - Selkirk Town (updated May 2021)

Trail 3 - Haining Loch (updated May 2021)

Trail 4 - Haining Woodland (new Apr 2021)

Trail 5 - Plaque to Stell (checked May 2021)

Trail 6 - Meeting of the Waters (updated Apr 2021)

Trail 7 - Ettrick Riverside (updated May 2021)

Trail 8 - Harehead Hill (checked May 2021)

Trail 9 - Three Brethren (checked May 2021)

Trail 10 - Linglie Hill (updated Jun 2021)

Trail Galleries: 'Modern Day', 'Bygone Selkirk'

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Scottish Borders Council Booklets: 'Selkirk Town Trail', 'Paths Around Selkirk' & 'Selkirk Hill Paths'

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